West Pasture Studio is a boutique art and design company focused on branding and stationery for weddings. 

We create custom, unique, fine-art pieces for everything from save the dates & invites to large and small day-of materials & wedding favors.

Our timeless art elevates our clients’ weddings beyond their expectations, truly reflecting their vision and style. 

Hey there, I’m Jessica.

As a designer, artist and calligrapher, I work with couples who desire one-of-a-kind wedding branding that reflects their story and casts vision for their wedding & marriage. My work often features watercolor illustrations, hand drawn elements, custom monograms & crests, and hand calligraphy. I find inspiration in the beautiful mountainous valley I live in and from my clients themselves.

I strive to design save the dates, invites and all day-of pieces to stand out on their own, but to also be a cohesive part of the bigger story, the true masterpiece of it all - the wedding.


Creating pieces the bride and groom will hold onto forever, building anticipation for guests with custom wedding artwork, and wow-ing everyone at the wedding with unique displays, are some of the most rewarding aspects of what I do.

I take pride in bringing each of my client’s visions to life through art. 


More about me…

Most days you can find me in my cozy home office. It is shared with my very organized husband Levi, who endures my creative space with a smile, and our needy, but adorable, border collie Skipper. Levi and I left the town life in the fall of 2018, to move to his family’s cattle ranch. We are loving the peacefulness and the adventures of country life! When I am not in my office, I enjoy spending my time with my husband embracing this rural lifestyle, skiing or curled up with a great book & a cup of tea.

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